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KMT Waterjet Systems SRP-Series Pumps
KMT Waterjet Systems SRP-Series Pumps
KMT Waterjet SRP-Series Intensifier Pumps Provide Larger Volumes of High Pressure Water

For companies that need a stronger, more reliable source of high pressure water in higher volumes, KMT Waterjet offers the new KMT Waterjet SRP pump. It delivers up to 2.8 gallons per minute at 35,000 psi with a 100 hp motor and a single intensifier.

The new hydraulic-driven pump, with a 10- minute seal change design, is much easier to maintain and is significantly better than any direct-drive or triplex pump for continuous production of high pressure water. The operating cost of the SRP pump is far lower than other types of pumps because the hydraulic design reduces component wear.

SRP Hydraulic-Driven - Hydraulic pumps provide three primary benefits:

1. Higher Reliability while maintaining strong performance.
2. Slower Stroking Design for longer seal life and lower operating costs. 
3. Reduced Stroking, by pumping only when high pressure water is needed, conserves water and reduces the need for maintenance.

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