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Other Materials
 Water is known as no limitations to what it can cut. Naturally, it cuts through very huge canyons and continuously changes the earth’s surface. At high plessure and at high velocities, with or without the addition of an abrasive, water’s natural power is amplified for clean, quick, and precise cutting. Water jet cutters are accorded for cutting granite as they are at cutting metals and softer materials such as paper and food which does not cause any absorption. The versatility of this system has made it a production requirement in a number of factories. Waterjet cutting technology was first developed in the 1950s, and now on, it has been applied to everything from ceramic cutting to cutting foam, rubber, composites, and glass. Waterjet cutting technology’s precision accuracy has been used forcutting marble designs, fabricating custom automotive parts, slicing frozen pizzas before packaging, and even creating parts for aircraft fuselages. And manufacturers are still researching new implementations for the technology.

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