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Paper Cutting & Slitting     Water jet cutting technology has been used for years to execute paper cutting. In fact, this process omits the development of the abrasive waterjet used to cut harder materials such as stone, glass, and metals. As distinct from abrasive waterjet cutting, however, only pure waterjet system is used to cut paper and foods. The clean, very thin cutting waterjet stream which means thinner than a strand of human hair does not bring about the material being cut to absorb water, maintaining the integrity of the paper parts. The technology also create non heat-affected zones while precisely cutting with speed. Thus, the efficiency of the process makes cutting with water jets an effective outcome for paper producers. 

  Waterjet cutting is very versatile and doesn’t seperate in what is being cut. Paper ,which is can be called as thin materials, paper tissues, boxes, protective poly coating paper, wrinkled cardboard, foam, paper sheets, food service paper, industrial packing paper, excelsior cushioning, bags, Tyvek, waxed paper, as well as food, and rubber can be cut just as swiftly as thin carpet. Because the diamond orifice is used to maximize and optimize cutting life, typically the size of the stream is a width of a hair (it’s approximately 18 to 180 micrometres wide) at speeds up to 3,000 feet per second. There is no water penetration during the slitting of paper products when water jets are used.

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