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Aerospace Industry
  Abrasive waterjet cutting has been widely used in the aerospace industry for titanium, Inconel, brass, aluminum, and steel cutting, moreover for cutting composites from 1mm to 150mm.  A complete waterjet system utilizing a totally integrated six-axis motion control accords for precise metal cutting solutions for aircraft fuselages, tail and wing sections, rotary blades, and sheet-metal parts up to eight-inches thick, conditional upon the material.

  With several decades of experience in designing and manufacturing some of the most significant, reliable water jet cutting systems on the market, waterjet cutting technology offer pumps, cutting nozzles, abrasive systems, parts, and more that can withstand the toughest and most demanding requirements. The absence of heat-affected zones and burrs or rough edges that eliminates the need for secondary finishing make waterjets an ideal cutting solution for the aerospace industry. 

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