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Glass Cutting  Customarily, glass has been a not-easy substance to machine but with the soaring popularity of water jet cutting technology, glass has become a proper application. The water is mixed with an abrasive, typically garnet, to dissolve glass in the specified area. Glass materials are typically determined in structure; however, the smallest of scratches can cause several fractures on the surface of glass. With the cutting edge technology of water jet systems, piercing through various types of glass or refractory materials is surprisely easy. Each cutting table can execute exact cuts on the most soft of glass materials as well as the strongest glass materials up to 9” thick without modifying any tooling or set up. The cutting stream makes intricate designs in any shape and size and is highly recommended for cut-outs, frameless showers, mirrors and most all architectural needs with close to no pressure from the actual cutting procedure being dissolved. The water jet stream is very fine and is also capable of producing precision cutting with a jet stream output three times the speed of sound.

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