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Metal Cutting
  Waterjet cutting is one of the most versatile cutting processes in the world. Well suited for high-performance metal cutting, waterjet technology, when used with an abrasive additive, creates a clean, burr-free cut that does not require secondary finishing and does not leave a heat-affected zone on the cutted parts. It can be said that every type of cut is possible, from rapid hole drilling to detailed cuts for automotive applications. Waterjet cutting systems are also less expensive than laser-cutting systems, which situtation makes waterjet a solid choice for metal and steel cutting in the fabrication industry.

 The addition of abrasive widens the variety of cuts that waterjet technology can perform, but abrasive is often one of the most expensive components for waterjet cutting technology. To decrease the costs of using abrasives in water jets to cut harder materials, waterjet cutting system that regulates the amount of abrasive used, controls the flow, and eliminates waste. Better abrasive management makes cutting with water a truly productive process. 

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